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What We Do

The Doni Martin Center for Developmental Services, Inc (DMC) provides services to individuals with disabilities ages 0-adult who reside in Clay, Lawrence and Randolph counties in Arkansas. We work with several agencies in Northeast Arkansas and across the state to provide these quality services to our clients, such as Arkansas Developmental Disabilities Services, Arkansas Department of Education and other agencies.

It is our desire to provide opportunities to the greatest extent possible for individuals with developmental disabilities to reach their greatest potential in a setting that is not compatible with their individual needs and allows interaction with peers in an environment integrated with persons without disabilities, to provide community-based support services adapted to each individual’s needs and to encourage the development of independence.

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Personal Care

With authorization by a physician, personal care may be provided to clients in their home or in the community. These services are supervised by a Registered Nurse. Certified personal care aides will provide assistance in areas such as grooming, money management, shopping, food assistance, clothing, housekeeping, health care, etc.


DMC will make available specialized transportation to all participants in our day habilitation programs. This service is provided in the community, to and from center activities, and for residents of the B.R.A.D. Group Home.

Supported Living

Ten individuals over the age of 18 live in the B.R.A.D. Group Home. The purpose is the provide an intermediate resident replacement for an individual with development disabilities with an eye toward more independent community living. Around the clock supervision is provided by staff. Goals attempt to address adaptive behavior levels, increase independent living skills, provide for others needs and supports and encourage community interaction.

Supported living services are also provided to individuals who live in the community in their own home. The purpose is to assist individuals to live independently with the lease amount of assistance required. Staff may help with shopping, money skills, making medical appointments or in other areas where the individual requires assistance to develop or maintain independence.

Corning Independent Living Center is affiliated with Black River Area Development. Residents in the five-apartment complex receive services from DMC or other community-based agencies.

Child and Adult Food Program

Meals are provided to clients of all ages during the provision of pre-school, school age and adult development services. These meals are subsidized by the USDA and are similar in nature to school lunch programs. Public schools are under contract with DMC to provide meals.

Day Services

Early intervention services include a weekly home visit and/or weekly center visit. A child will be assessed or evaluated to determine eligibility. An individualized program is developed in conjunction with the parent/caregiver and a team of professionals who have identified the individual needs of the child. Infant referrals are valued in order to minimize the effects of disabilities for those at risk. The home visit portion of Early Intervention services is available year round. The center-based services are available approximately ten months of the year.

Pre-school services are provided Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. September through May and during July. Children ages 0-5 are screened and assessed to determine eligibility, after which an individualized program plan is developed. Activities may be community or center-based. In addition to DHS licensure, DMC has DHS Early Childhood license. We also provide licensed daycare to typically developing children.

School-aged students are referred to DMC by the resident school districts. Assessments and previous education, medical, behavioral and other evaluation information are considered in developing an individual education plan. A team including the parent, school district representatives, center representatives, medical and assessment personnel and other appropriate individuals determine placement. This service is available on a schedule similar to area public schools, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Extended year services may also be available to eligible students. Individual goals and objectives may include center or community-based learning activities.

Individuals ages 21 through adult may receive adult development services. Following an assessment and determination of the individual's needs, an individual service plan is developed by a team including the individual, staff members, advocates, and family members/guardians. Adult development is available for approximately ten months of the year. The daily operating hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Goals and objectives may be implemented that include center or community-based activities.


DMC has access to private providers of speech, physical and occupational therapies. When ordered by a physician, these services can be provided locally at the center, located at 1506 Park Street, Pocahontas, AR. The individualized programs recommended by the therapists are reinforced by DMC staff on a regular, daily basis. DMC will provide assistance in making referrals for or obtaining adaptive equipment as needed. Some providers deliver services in individual homes.

Supported Employment

Clients who are capable of employment will be assisted in obtaining jobs, learning socially acceptable behavior and acquiring specific job skills. A job coach may shadow the employed client until the individual can perform the job independently. Vocational maintenance services will provide regular visit to the job site to help or prevent problems. Some examples of past and current job places include laundry worker, dishwasher, janitor, housekeeper, manicurist, pet groomer, yard worker and receptionist.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Civil rights regulations and policies prohibit DMC from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in any of its programs.