1506 N Park St Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455
(870) 892-4061
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Our Locations

We work with several agencies in Northeast Arkansas and across the state to provide these quality services to our clients in Clay, Lawrence and Randolph Counties with specific services in Pocahontas and Corning. Whether it's day services or community-based living, we cater to each individual's needs in order to improve their quality of life and skills.

Pocahontas Adult Development

2101A Old County Road

Pocahontas, AR, 72455

(870) 892-9046

Corning Adult Development

2300 West Main Street

Corning, AR 72422

(870) 857-6859


1506 N Park St

Pocahontas, AR 72455

(870) 892-4061 | Fax: (870) 892-7151

Corning Independent Living

710 Sharon Circle

Corning, AR 72422

(870) 857-9006

B.R.A.D Group Home

1916 Pyburn

Pocahontas, AR 72422

(870) 892-8340